LVD Test

The Low Voltage Directive adopted in 1973 marks an important step on this path. CE mark has been mandatory for free circulation in the EU market since 1990. CE is the certification of conformity of the produced product to the EU common market. A product with CE marking is also entitled to free circulation in the EU market. What carries the product to CE, on the other hand, is the new approach directives supported by the standards. By such standards, minimum requirements necessary to ensure safety are described. It is prohibited to affix CE marking on a product that fails to meet such requirements. The sanctions for affixing CE marking on a non-conforming product can amount to even withdrawal of the product from the market. At present, especially when the EU harmonization process gained pace, standardization efforts in our country have accelerated. Therefore, our firms engaging in manufacture of machinery and white goods have raised their awareness on LVD tests. Our firms do not offer their products to the market before they prove such products to be safe by the tests that they cause to be performed. 

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